About the app
Gig Guide is an app designed for traveling concert-goers. Gig Guide helps you find and save concerts you’re interested in seeing and then acts as your guide. If you find yourself at a venue in a city you aren’t familiar with, this app will guide you there and then give suggestions to other activities nearby like food, nightlife, and lodging. Gig Guide also helps you find out details about the venue before you get there such as door times, food, drinks, and age restrictions.
In the Details page, you can find information about a show, like door times, opening acts, age restrictions and more.
Design Process
The first step in the design process, after thinking of the concept, was building a site map. This is an early map of the three core functions of the app. This became the blueprint for for the entire app prototype. From there, the concept was expanded into a visual language including colors icons ans a layout for the app, which was streamlined over time.
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